Melusine Productions Luxembourg
Retour Ernest & Célestine ( 2010 _ Feature-length 2D traditional animation movie)

Ernest & Celestine

dir.Benjamin Renner, Stéphane Aubier & Vincent Patar, prod. LesArmateurs, Melusine Productions, La Parti Prod.

2Ddigital animation


Celestine is a young mouse who lives in the underground world of rodents. At the orphanage where she lives, the caretaker known as the Gray One tells scary stories about the evil nature of the bears that live in the outside world, though Celestine doubts they are entirely true. She loves to draw but must soon study dentistry, since that's what all rodents do, and to prepare, she must travel above ground to collect bear cubs' lost teeth from underneath pillows. On one such occasion, the cub's family catches Celestine in the act and chase her into a trash can where she is trapped and spends the night. The next morning, a destitute and starving bear named Ernest discovers Celestine and attempts to eat her. Celestine convinces him to let her go by helping him break into the basement of a candy shop, where he can eat his fill. He is soon caught by the store's owner, however, and arrested. Celestine, who is behind on her quota of collected teeth, agrees to free him from the police wagon if he will help her break into and rob the teeth from a local dentist's office in the bear's city...


  • Cinekid Festival 2011 : prix Cinekid
  • Festival de Cannes 2012 : mention spéciale SACD dans le cadre de la Quinzaine des réalisateurs
  • Festival du film de Sarlat 2012 : prix du jury jeune du meilleur film
  • Mon premier festival de Paris 2012 : prix du public
  • Festival international du film de Dubaï 2012 : prix Muhr et Prix du public
  • Festival du film de la jeunesse de Bellinzone 2012 : prix du meilleur film du jury "fuori le mura" 
  • César du cinéma 2013 : meilleur film d'animation24
  • Festival international du film d'animation de Stuttgart 2013 : prix ​​du meilleur long métrage d'animation
  • Festival international du film de Seattle 2013 : grand prix du jury à Films4Families  
  • Magritte du cinéma 2014 en Belgique : meilleur film, Meilleur réalisateur, Meilleur son.


  • Festival du film de Los Angeles 2013
  • Festival du film de Sundance 2014 : sélection à Sundance Kids 
  • Grand prix de l'Union de la critique de cinéma 2013
  • Oscars du cinéma 2014 : meilleur film d'animation
  • Satellite Awards 2014 : meilleur film d'animation

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