Melusine Productions Luxembourg
Retour Ma maman est en Amérique ( 2012 _ Feature-length movie)

Ma maman est en Amérique, elle a rencontré Buffalo Bill

dir.Marc Boréal & Thibaut Chatel, prod. Label-Anim, MelusineProductions

2Dtraditional animation

John is a boy of 6 years. This year, he entered the Preparatory Course, the great school! He will finally learn to read. But his mistress was very severe. The first day, it must indicate the profession of his mother. He does not know the answer ... But he wants to be like everyone else. His mother is not there. Where, when, why, how, he forgot. It was a long time ago. So he invented. Yet she sends postcards. America, Switzerland, Spain, Africa ... that reads him Mich's le secret, its neighbor.

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